Distinctive Features 
Dana R. Falk, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
2203 Thorndyke Ave W.
Seattle, WA  98199



  1.   Mid-life transitions specialty.  Middle age is often overlooked as a time of human development, but there are many changes that occur naturally in our 40s, 50s and 60s (and many changes people worry will not occur unless they get off their duff.) Midlife issues deserve special attention, but a professional focus on them is rare.
    I have taught a college course on personal and organizational transitions and hope that my long-standing interest in mid-life issues and other life transitions will help you approach forks in the road intelligently and honestly.

      Substantial phone consultation.  This conversation provides us both an opportunity to assess whether working together in therapy would make sense before we commit to meeting in person. In my practice, the initial phone consultation is meatier than most: usually 20-30 mins. I think it’s respectful of your time, energy and finances for us to learn what we can by phone, rather than setting a first appointment based only on schedule and other basics. In short, the phone consultation is truly a consultation, as we’ll both have space to ask the questions we need to get a sense of fit.

      Strong professional preparation.  Working with someone truly qualified to help is vital to the effectiveness of the treatment you receive -- and it’s tougher to find than you might imagine. There’s no shortage of therapists who listen well and provide simple support, but relatively few who bring deeper knowledge of adult development and therapeutic options. Fewer still add research, teaching and international experiences. I’m so fortunate to have rigorous preparation for this work and have trained Ph.D. students in their psychotherapy skills. Seeking therapy takes guts; you deserve quality care.

  2.   Therapy dog in office.  What’s so useful about sharing the space with a little French Bulldog? It’s not just about cute company. Dogs offer perspective, which we all need at times of crisis or major decision; they reach anxious and depressed people with unusual grace. Dogs bring comedy to combat perfectionism and self-absorption. Therapy pup Babette is present in session most days and there are treats in the waiting area for you to bring her. She’s shy and will not paw you.

      Warm, private treatment space.  I think the setting for psychotherapy matters. My office is attractive, comfortable and safe. The office is in the lovely Lower Magnolia neighborhood (near Inter-Bay) with easy, free parking and an unmarked street entrance for confidentiality. Your session and waiting area experience will be private, as no other professionals share this office. The place has dignity and personality, I think, with comfortable furnishings, complimentary beverages and a sense of calm. Oh -- and a gorgeous view of Queen Anne hill, the Space Needle and the downtown skyline.

      Never an increase in your treatment cost.  Psychologists and other mental health professionals gradually increase their fees for service over time, of course. My philosophy is that ongoing clients should remain at whatever their session cost was when we began working together. This honors the fact that some people are making a stretch to pay for their therapy. It enables them to remain in treatment until they truly feel done, rather than feeling priced-out at some point.